Soda Fountain Menu

Ice Cream

Kiddy $1.50      Single $2.50    Double $3.50    Triple $4.50
Served in a cup or a cone. For waffle cone add a dollar.

Thrifty Ice Cream Flavors:  Chocolate, Vanilla, Cappuccino Crunch, Chocolate Malted Crunch,  Cookies & Cream, Mint Chip, Peanut Butter Chocolate, Rainbow Sherbet, Coffee, Cotton Candy, Bubble Gum, Strawberry, Marble Fudge, Pecan Praline, Banana Nut, Sugar Free Vanilla


Kiddy $2.50      Single $3.50    Double $4.50    Triple $5.50
Your Choice of any Ice Cream, one topping, Whip Cream, Nuts & and a Cherry. Additional toppings .50 each.

Toppings:  Chocolate, Butterscotch, Caramel, Hot Fudge, Marshmallow, Pineapple, Strawberry, Raspberry, White Chocolate, Cherry
Nuts: Shaved Almonds, Mixed Nuts, Pecans
Cookie: Ginger Snaps, Oreos


Pretzels $2.75
Cake Pops $1.75
Giant Cookies $2.25
Brownies $2.25
Popcorn $2.00
Candy prices as marked.

Shakes & Malts

Classics $4.25 Special Shakes $5.25

Classic Shakes and Malts are Vanilla, Chocolate, Strawberry or Sugar Free Vanilla.
Made with 3 to 4 scoops of ice cream. Malts only come in classic flavors.

Elvis presley

Rock the jail House! Peanut Butter Chocolate Ice Cream, Vanilla, Milk, shot of Banana and Butter Rum Syrup, drizzled in Chocolate.

james dean

Way too Cool…Marble Fudge and Vanilla Ice Cream, with a shot of Kaluha and Carmel Syrup.

Marilyn monroe

Happy B-Day Mr. President…this is sensational… French Vanilla Ice Cream, a shot of Pineapple and Wedding Cake Syrup.

Jane Mansfield

What a peach! Rainbow Sherbet, Vanilla Ice Crème with a shot of peach syrup.

buddy holly

Rock & Roll…Cookies & Crème, Vanilla Ice Cream and a shot of Carmel and milk.

betty paige

Chocolate Cherry Soda with Vanilla and Coffee Ice Cream drizzled in Amaretto. Not the girl next door.

Rat Pack

French Vanilla, Coffee and Cappuccino Crunch Ice Cream, shot of Hazelnut.

Adam 12

This officer knows what he wants…Heaping scopps of Chocolate Malted Crunch and Vanilla Ice Cream with a shot of Toasted Marshmellow.

breakfast at tiffany’s

Espresso, Coffe and Vanilla Ice Cream, Tiramisu syrup, whip and sprinkles.

Sophia Loren

A cat on a hot tin roof, meow. Fire Red Cream Soda Phosphate, Vanilla Ice Cream, Cinnamon syrup and whip cream sprinkled with red hots.

Glenda the good witch

Tap your shoes together….there’s no place like “Bertie’s”. Vanilla Ice Cream, Cotton Candy Ice Cream, Milk and a shot of Blueberry.


Pineapple Coconut and Banana Nut Ice Cream, shot of Mango, Pineapple and Coconut Syrup, dressed in Pinapple Sauce. The skipper would be proud!

Bertie’s Classics

Any Classic  $7.00
All Classics are made with two scoops unless stated otherwise.

Granny’s Choice

Choose any of Granny’s Fresh Baked Cookies, topped with French Vanilla  Ice Cream, drizzled in Hershey’s Chocolate under a light blanket of whip cream. Substitute Hershey’s Chocolate for any topping of your choice, French Vanilla Ice Cream for any Ice Cream of your choice.


Soft Fudge Brownie topped with two large scoops of Vanilla Ice Cream, topped with hot fudge, nuts, whip cream & a cherry.  An old favorite!


The “Steady Eddy” of all treats. Three large scoops of ice cream, Vanilla, Chocolate and Strawberry, covered in marshmallow topping, pineapple and chocolate, whip, nuts and a cherry!


Italian Soda

Our Favorites: chocolate, cherry, vanilla, grape, orange, dreamcicle, jolly rancher. Made in almost any flavor! $2.50 Make it a Float add $1.50


You can have a phosphate in any flavor. $3.25
Classic Phosphates: Old-time Orange, Cherry, Cherry Root, Pineapple, Lime Rickey, Mint, Frost Bite. Any questions just ask grandpa!

Egg Creams

No egg or cream, weird! $3.25

Fountain Soda

Ginger Ale, Hires Rootbeer, Dr. Pepper, Squirt, Big Red, 7up, RC Cola, Lemonade. $2.25
Make it a float add $1.50.

Coffee $1.75

Plain black coffee. Make it a fancy latte or cappucino add $1.50